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Many people have some fear about a visit to the dentist’s office. That's why our team took great care in designing our Office. We are familiar with all of the sights and sounds that accompany a traditional dental practice. We recognize that some of our patients may find these sensory additions to be anxiety-inducing. This is often the case if there is already a bit of fear about the dentist and dental work to be completed. 

We understand the fears that our patients have, and we offer compassion combined with a few soothing comforts that will leave each patient feeling like they have enjoyed a bit of spa pampering during their visit. 

Spa-Like Treatment

Your comfort is of the utmost importance, for every examination and dental procedure. We offer warm soothing blankets and hot towels to help enhance your relaxation experience.


  • In Ceiling TV for your comfort, Netflix and Disney+

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Stress Reliever Anxiety Relief Toys

  • Separate waiting area for patient guests

  • Hot Towel Services

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